“Jacket” is not a new term when it comes on to Jamaica’s culture. It is the term used for a child that wasn’t given to its biological father. Therefore, the “father” would have a ‘jacket child’. Based on the article “Why women give men ‘jacket’? Social pressure, financial security cited as a major cause” by Simms, Hope and Dunn 33% of Jamaican men have been named ‘father’ to children that are not theirs.

It is a fact that females do give men ‘jacket’ but one has to look on this issue from different perspective. This ‘jacket’ issue that we as Jamaicans face has a stereotype against women in the inner-city it is  assumed that those females are more likely to practice this act for financial benefits. That is they will always have their boyfriend in the ‘ghetto’ region and a next in the upper class, upon getting pregnant they would give the person more legible the ‘father’ role.  This baby will now become the bankbook for the female.

BLACK mother! BLACK father! WHITE child!

One has to accept the fact that the main cause of females giving males jacket is to is to ensure that their child has a stable lifestyle. Giving jackets can cause mistrust that is men don’t trust females anymore. They now challenge their paternity in divorce and child support cases. The problem we also face it the fact people in society are not willing to use contraceptive methods hence they couldn’t tell if the child is there’s or not. As the old Jamaican saying states “if you Neva go deh u name cudnt call”. Therefore, they have to face the consequences which come with the jacket child.

Unless Jamaica eradicate poverty then ‘jacket’ will always be a part of our culture. This is so because the main reason why females carry out this act is for financial benefits from the opposite sex.  I strongly believe that these females should be charged for their act. It is rather unfair for the child to not know its biological father and it also not fair for a man to be financially support a ‘jacket’. Although they put themselves in this position when they say “man fi ave nuff gyal n gyal inna bundle” and live by it.

Government however, could have sessions and advertisements that educate individuals in the wider society about the negative effects of giving a child to the wrong father like health issues in the future and the child may also lose interest in the mother.

Therefore, one can only say this act that females carry out for financial issues and status is immoral and that females within the inner city should stop live up to the stereotype that the upper class have on them.









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